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 Math Class                                                                                                    Mrs. Barcelon







  Grading SysteMHomework                                                     20%

Class work and Class Participation                 30%

Tests, quizzes, and projects                          50%



Homework will be assigned every day.  There will be a HW folder where HW sheets will be filed.  A HW chart will be given every 2 weeks and will be stamped according to the corresponding points.   


10 points  = complete with work shown, submitted on time  and in  loose leaf.

8 points    =  one missing question  but work is shown on other questions, on time

7 points   = one missing question but submitted on time

6 points   = 2 missing questions  but work is shown on other questions or submitted late

4 points   =  3 or more  questions  are not  answered.

0            = no work is shown or no HW.


Class work  and Class participation

Practice of skills after a lesson is very important, therefore you are expected to complete the tasks assigned to you in class.  Paying attention or focusing on the task, following classroom routines and rules and having materials needed for the class are components  of  an excellent class participation.


Tests, Quizzes, and Projects

This Math course is considered complete when you passed the Regents Examination. Therefore, you are being prepared for it and passing all quizzes and tests take half of the grade for each term.

Absences and Lateness

If you are absent you must present a medical note or parent’s note to the teacher the day you come back.  Homework you missed to submit because of your absence must be handed in immediately upon your return to school.  Homework assigned during your absence will be completed upon consultation with your teacher.  Talk to your teacher to make up for missing homework, class work and quizzes and tests. 


 Note:  Remember you must be the one to ask for any missing works.


Need help in Math???

Consultation time with me is Monday- Thursday after school until 3:30pm except when teachers have a  Faculty meeting.

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