Creativity is important , but there are some rules some tips about designing a website which help you to gain more audience. A lot of people think, that a great website can only be created by some one from the Silicon valley but that is not the case. A catchy attractive and a good website design can be so impressive at times that it can help to blow competition away. Now this is the point where things start to go wrong. In the hassle of creating a website, people sometimes tend to forget some important points.


 According to me , in order to create or redesign a website, some important or say key factors to be kept in mind are mentioned below.

  1. Aim to target a larger mass

Create a design keeping in mind , the purpose and the people for whom it is created. Here, understanding the customer can prove to be very helpful in the long run. Some important factors such as typography, the color, the layout, the images and most importantly navigation should be chosen carefully. Other than this knowing the demographics of the audience, Where they are from?, Who they are? , What drives them here ? Can also help you in securing a better position than your competitors in market.

2. Put aside personal preferences

While designing a website, it is absolutely necessary that you put aside your personal preference in favour of the demand of the users. Keep in mind ,what is appealing for you can be complete turn-off for the person using the site. As a designer, its your responsibility to create a site enchaning user experience and is also a perfect fit for the target audience.

3. Keep the Layout Simple

A simple layout doesn’t mean it has to be boring rather it means it should focus only on the essential information . A website should have a clean layout, a layout that is easier to load, navigate and use on different platforms and devices. Also you can introduce a fun, quirky, or helpful factor that will surprise and delight your users. This will make them more likely to remember your website and become repeat visitors .

4. Arrange information in a Particular Order

Arranging information in a particular order may prove helpful for the users , they can easily navigate the site and also absorb they information required more effectively. A point to be noted here is that the important information should be displayed in such a way that they are the first things users lay their eyes on. 


5 .Use Attractive Colors and Catchy Images

Colors can be very impactful, they can have a great influence on people’s mood and emotions . So they should be choosen very carefully. Also, there is a very famous saying “A picture is worth a thousand words” it still remains true. Images are processed quicker than words, so they give users an easy route into your content.

These are some of the steps which can make your website one of the most visited one.

A very famous saying goes well wit h it “ Website without visitors is like a ship lost in the horizon.”