Why need a logo?

A logo is an important part of corporate branding, so it’s important to get your logo right.

The “tick” for nike, Instagram’s “colorful camera” and Coca Cola’s distinctive red and white script are examples for logos are instantly recognizable.

Putting it simply, a logo is one of the core aspects of promoting your company as it gives you a background to build a brand around.


Brand concept on blackboard Let me convince you by giving some points on it’s benefit.

It gives brand a Unique Recognition Every time you pass by a yellow “M” sign the thing that flashes your mind is obviously there is McDonald’s around. See that is the impact of a logo. Having a strong, memorable logo will help your business stick in the minds of people. The more simple and eye catchy your logo is, the more you stand out from your competitors

  1. Depicts the Company’s Aspects

You can project the aspects of your company through a logo. A simple logo, makes your makes more attractive to the masses. For example, using some unique design and colors shows innovation and more importantly the originality.

2. Helps in Promoting a Particular Brand

A logo is all the companies need to ensure an impression of reliability and longevity in the market. For example: A company can use promotional products with their logo to bring in some business.

3. Keeps the Customers Informed

A logo which is simple appealing for the eye and more specific will help customers recognize the company’s market sector immediately. A more specific logo also gives a clear indication of what a company does.

4.Helps in bringing Consistency

Studies have shown that consistency across all media platforms can increase revenue by up to 23%. A logo is an important part of this as it helps to set a baseline around which the products or the work of the company revolves. Also a well thought logo can make even the newest business look professional, reliable and promising.

5. Helps in building Brand Loyalty

As the business expands, the logo becomes widely recognized, people are going to know about the company and what is it ,through the logo.

For example, Take “Apple” when you are looking for a smartphone with high-quality cameras and you see that half apple you are more likely to choose that item. This is because you are familiar with its logo and also you associate it with a brand you trust. Also if you invest a good amount of time and resources and also trust in your logo, brand loyalty is sure to follow. 


Now as you can see, these are some of the many real benefits of having a logo. Having a logo makes your company instantly recognizable and also improves the marketing efforts. But that’s not all a logo is a picture that is worth a thousand words.