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Welcome to the Barnard Environmental Studies Magnet School 7th and 8th Grades Science Webpage!
Education is a shared experience and your student is growing up in an exciting time for education.  The technology in our world is expanding radiply, and we need to look to the future to continue the innovation.  The Sciences at Barnard will provide a foundation that students can use through out their lives.  Your child holds the key to their own success.  If we all work together (students, parents, care-givers, teachers and the community) student achievement can be fulfilled!
Student homework assignments are updated on Tuesday of the current week.
Current topics being discussed in 7th Grade:
  1. Science Fair
  2. Organization of the Human Body and Homeostasis
  3. The Skeletal System
  4. Joints of the Human Body
Current topics being discussed in 8th Grade:
  1. Inside Earth
  2. Volcanoes
  3. Earthquakes
  4. Current Events - Natural Disasters
  5. Science Fair
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Mr. Bodyk
phone:  203-691-3500