4th Grade at Millersville Elementary

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Parenting can be difficult enough without the added component of social media, youtube, and smartphones. It seems as though fighting technology can only be an upward battle. Viewing technology in this light can make it seem as though it's not worth the fight in the first place. Technology is vital to our society, and children can learn to respect it with guidance from their parents. The fourth grade team at Millersville Elementary want to give you tools to assist your children to  respect technology and use it to enhance their learning. 


Parent Tech-Out Night

Thank you for joining us at the Millersville Elementary Parent Tech-Out Night! The event was a success and we were ecstatic to see so many parents learning information and strategies about technology! If you were unable to join us, please use the links at the bottom of this page to access the materials from the Tech-Out Night.





Tips for Parenting in the Digital World



Real-Life Scenarios