Digital transformation

Tips for choosing the right digital transformation partner


Digital transformation’ has different connotation for different organizations and industries. Organizations need to accept that they have to modernize for the new digital age in order to stay competitive, customer centric and become highly efficient than their competitors. Transformation by digital means is a holistic approach that modernizes the IT ecosystem, procedures and working strategies of an organization by making use of latest advancements in cloud, mobility, analytics and user experience to encourage revolutionary change in the way they operate and interact with customers.

Benefits of digital transformation

Transformation is a continuous process and if performed on a well defined strategy, you can earn many benefits for your organization. This includes;

  • More effective decision making processes
  • More coverage and customer reach
  • Improved customer experiences
  • Better operational efficiency and profitability
  • Enhanced insights into product performance

Choosing the right partner for digital transformation

A lot of organizations, particularly in non-IT related field, may not have necessary skill sets to perform digital transformation initiatives. In that case, it is necessary that you partner with the right service provider. Pairing with an expert digital transformation provider will help you understand the processes involved in such a journey. Here we list out some points to consider when choosing a partner for cloud migration services and digital transformation services.

Technical ability

When looking for a partner, check if they have a well versed team of technical people who can conceptualize your digital needs through lot solutions. Collect information about their technology center, workforce models, operation scalability and working prototypes. Check and ensure that your partner’s technical expertise is the perfect fit for your particular needs.

Organizational track

Today, the digital world is rich with many digital transformation firms that include small boutique consultants to multi-faceted IT solutions. Check and examine organizational strategies of the partner, consultants, engagement processes, methodologies and dynamic development strategies. Check their capability setting, toolsets they use, security and infrastructure details.

Goals on the same page

Check if the partner’s alignment of thoughts, processes, work ethics and priorities should be same as yours. This is essential to work the same direction. Check if the partner recognize and believe in your strategy and can they articulate the goals. Share your goals with the partner and ask them to bring out an approach such as API integration to achieve your goals.

Expertise in the niche

Check if your partner has enough experience with other clients in the same domain. They must recognize your market and the demands of your clients. Look at the case studies of the partner as well as their current workload. You can ask for a list of their top 10 clients, particularly in your domain for reference.

Escalation paths

It is essential analyze a company’s escalation levels, expected reply times to escalations, roles and designations involved and how hard it is to get the head of these services. Devops like blockchain development offered by a reputed company will help organizations to reach the top management in organizations.