Music Theory Outline

Music Theory Outline

I.                   First Nine Weeks

           a.     Rhythm

           b.     Notes

            c.     Whole steps, half steps, sharps, and flats

           d.     Intervals

           e.     Key Signatures

           f.      Major scales

            g.     Minor scales—parallel and relative

II.                Second Nine Weeks

           a.     Triads

           b.     Seventh chords

           c.     Chord Functions

           d.     Secondary dominants

III.             Third Nine Weeks

           a.     Analysis

           b.     Sight-singing

           c.     Four-part writing

           d.     Composition

           e.     Melodic dictation

           f.      Harmonic dictation

IV.           Fourth Nine Weeks

          a.     AP Exam Review

           b.     Practice AP Exam