Digital Music Technology Syllabus

Digital Music Technology Syllabus

Course Description: 

The purpose of this course is to enable students to develop musical skills and an understanding of the elements of a recording studio, and apply the concepts and language in a musical setting. The content should include, but not be limited to, the following:

-exploration of the structure of music

-ear training
-analysis of musical events and elements in a composition
-connection between music and other area
-roles and influence of music and musicians in history, culture, society, and everyday life

-exploration of basic acoustical principles 

-role and influence of sound and recording in history, culture, society, and individual lifestyles

-production techniques of a recording studio

-set-up and operation of equipment in a recording studio

-exploration of professional unions and organizations

-demonstration of professional responsibility, ethical behavior, and time management skills  

Materials Needed:

Pencils, pens, 2 spiral notebooks, folder to keep materials organized, notebook paper, manuscript paper

Grading Scale:

 This course will be grades according to Wekiva High School and Orange County Public School standards.  As such, the grading scale is as follows: 

A=90% to 100%




F=59% and Below 

Grading Categories: 

There are several types of assignments that students will be expected to complete.  Some of these assignments include: 


Students will be awarded points each day for participation.  Points will be awarded for students who ask and answer questions in class discussions, stay on task, and respect the equipment in the keyboard lab.  Students who do not clean up the workstations at the end of class automatically lose their participation points for the day.  This includes: 

·       No food or drinks

·       Take all of your materials with you when you leave

·       Turn off keyboards and computers before leaving

·       Place headphones on the hooks on the sides of the keyboards

·       Push in the piano bench

·       Do not lean or write on keyboards  


Students will receive homework assignments somewhat regularly.  Most of these are brief.  However, they are due at the beginning of class on the due date.  There is no credit given for late work unless the student is absent on the day the assignment is given or turned in.   


Classwork must be turned in during class on the day that it is assigned unless the teacher says otherwise. 

Tests and Quizzes: 

There will be several unit and cumulative tests and quizzes to be given on the material covered.  There will also be cumulative exams at the end of each nine weeks. 


Students will be given writing prompts.  They must write responses to these prompts in their spiral notebooks and turned in.  These prompts will concern a variety of music-related topics. 


Students who are absent are responsible for asking for assignments that he or she has missed.  The school's policies on absences are available in the student code of conduct and the student planner. 

Classroom Rules:

There are merely two rules for this classroom.  By signing this syllabus, you agree to the following:

·       "I will arrive on time, ready to learn, every day."

·       "I will show respect to my teacher, my classmates, and myself at all times."