Digital Music Technology Outline

Digital Music Technology Outline

I.                   First Nine Weeks

           a.     Week 1                                                           

                                       i.      Introduction                                                         

                ii.      Pre-Test                                                      

                iii.      Discussion about musical elements                                                       

                                       iv.      Rhythm                                                          

                v.      Time Signatures

          b.     Week 2                                                            

                i.      Treble Clef                                                         

                                       ii.      Bass Clef                                                      

               iii.      Grand Staff                                                       

               iv.      Where notes fall on keyboard

          c.     Week 3                                                            

                i.      Test Review                                                         

                ii.      Written Test                                                      

                iii.      Half Steps, Sharps, and Flats

          d.     Week 4                                                            

                i.      Major Triads                                                         

                ii.      Minor Triads

          e.     Week 5                                                            

                i.      Review triads                                                         

                                       ii.      Test Review                                                      

               iii.      Test                                                       

               iv.      Begin Sounds experiment

          f.      Week 6                                                            

                i.      Sounds experiment

          g.     Week 7                                                           

                                        i.      Take through sequencing a song                                                         

                ii.      Sequencing on Keyboards

           h.     Weeks 8 and 9                                                            

                  i.      Sequencing on keyboards

            i.       Week 10                                                            

                   i.      Written and sequencing final exam

II.                Second Nine Weeks

           a.     Week 1                                                            

                 i.      SONAR

          b.     Weeks 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6                                                            

                                         i.      One melody, set of chords, and set of instruments to sequence per week

          c.     Weeks 7, 8, and 9                                                            

                i.      "Film Scoring" project