What's Happening?

 Feb. 21-22

BASES notice being sent home:

Dear Parents/Guardians,                                                                             Monday, Feb. 21, 2011Second semester has begun!BASES blocks have been planned to cover the student’s IEP goals:Block 1 – Building Your Future - Exploring Career Options, Applying for a Job, Employer Expectations, Managing Your Money, and  Self-Determination.Block 2 – Ms. Baker – Community and Life SkillsBlock 3 – ½ the group – in separate setting working on speech and money skills + Friday Manners, ½ the group on integrated class support/ homework support + Friday FRIENDS Program for anxiety.Block 4 – Cooking Program, including buying groceries, money skills, following directions,  reading comprehension, and traffic safety.Work Experience – BASES has 5 students in the Work Experience Program.  Many have been placed in positions around Cloverdale, others are awaiting appropriate placements.  Upcoming FundraiserThe BASES Program will be collecting empty bottles, cans, and empty alcoholic containers.  Pick up will be the week after Spring Break.   Help us support your child's BASES outings, programs and appreciation luncheons for teachers and work experience placement companies! Passing along some information:Registered Disability Savings Planhttp://rdsp.com/ Canadian Disability Savings Bond *You could receive up to $1,000 a year from the government  http://hrsdc.gc.ca/eng/disability_issues/disability_savings/index.shtml Persons with Disabilities Assistance:http://www.hsd.gov.bc.ca/publicat/bcea/pwd.htmhttp://mhr.gov.bc.ca/pwd/apply.htm Applying for Community Living BC                         Applying for Handy Pass or Handy Dartwww.communitylivingbc.ca                                     www.translink.ca Upcoming Dates:


Feb. 23 – Wear Pink for Anti-Bullying DayFeb. 24 & 25 - Gr. 9 Health ConferenceMarch 2 – Gr. 8 Health Lesson (Block 3)March 8 – Interim Reports IssuedSPRING BREAK March 18 - Last day before Spring BreakApril 4 – First day back to school from Spring BreakApril 5-7th – Bottle Drive collection/Fundraiser Check the BASES blog @   http://www.bases.educatorpages.com   for more updates and information.  Thanks,  M. Berichon                                                                                       K. FraserBASES Teacher                                                                                BASES Teacher 

Upcoming Fundraiser

The BASES Program will be collecting empty bottles, cans, and empty alcoholic containers.

Pick up will be the week after Spring Break. 

Help us support your child's BASES outings, programs and appreciation luncheons for teachers and work experience placement companies!

More information to come.....

Useful Websites for Parents-

Check this out!

 Registered Disability Savings Plan

Canadian Disability Savings Bond *You could receive up to $1,000 a year from the government



To apply for Persons with Disabilities Assistance:





Applying for Community Living BC:



Applying for Handy Pass or Handy Dart


Check here to see what's happening in class!

Jan. 13, 2011

A pink notice is being sent home today regarding Winter programs for students provided by the

Learning Disabilities Association. LDAFS email - www.ldafs.org

January Newsletter /sent home Jan. 7th:

            Merry Christmas and Happy New Years! 

As the first semester comes to an end, we thought it to be a good time to touch base on some of the upcoming events.  January 18thWe are planning a small outing to Brookswood Secondary School to partake in a woodwork workshop.  The workshop is for the second half of the day.  Students will be building a birdhouse with carpentry 12 students from Brookswood.  We will be travelling in SEA and teacher vehicles.  The cost of this workshop is $2.50.   Please send this as soon as possible so we can confirm numbers.   January 20thGrade 11 and 12 BASES students are invited to attend The Access Programs for People with Disabilities Information Session at Kwantlen University Surrey Campus – 1266  72nd Ave.   Parents are more than welcome to come to the presentation, which starts at 11am and finishes at 1 pm.  The students, that do attend, will be travelling in the SEA volunteer vehicles and will be asked to bring $1.00 for parking.   To learn more:     http://www.kwantlen.bc.ca/aca/appd.htmlJanuary 26th, 27th, & 28thDue to Provincial Exams all other classes are cancelled.  There is no school for the BASES students unless they are in adapted Gr. 10, 11, & 12 classes.  January 31stSemester 2 begins.  BASES students will have new classes J Be prepared for any PE classes- they require a gym strip!Reminder:As some parents have expressed, communication through students can sometimes be problematic.  We have created a website to help improve communication:bases.educatorpagers.com We will continue to do our best to keep the webpage updated.  For individual concerns, please feel free to call. 

Dec. 9th Fieldtrip cancelled due to lack of returned forms, and money :(

Dec. 14th we will be going...those who do not return signed forms and money will not be going and will stay back with Ms. Fraser to do work.


 Tuesday, November 23

CODE: RUready4it?


 Tomorrow the block 4 class will be going back to Claude Harvey Park for volunteer experience with Surrey Parks   and Rec. Dress Warm, it will be sunny but cold! 


Tuesday, November 16th

IEP's are being sent home with the students.  Please keep a look out for them in backbacks.

If you'd like to see any changes please write them on the IEP document and return it.  If there are no changes, please keep the copy for your records.

Also- Yesterday Block 4 BASES started their Volunteer Experience for Surrey Parks and Rec. at Claude Harvey Park, 5780 182 St. We learned how to remove ivy from strangling trees and clear blackeberry bushes to make room for planting native plants. 

Everyone worked very hard!  Good Job to those who remembered to wear rubber boots and rain coats!

Wednesday, November 17th

Congratulations Ben and Cole for being accepted into the Warehousing Program!

On Wednesday they will be at a workshop on Safety Training and Writing Resumes.

Good Luck guys! 

Monday, November 15th

The block 4 BASES class is Volunteering for Surrey Parks, landscaping Claude Harvey Park!

Please bring clothes to landscape in and rubber boots!  We will be planting trees and removing brush. 

It is our goal to make this a regular volunteer service to add to our resumes!

Monday, Novermber 8th

Early Dismissal: School gets out at 1:20.

Monday, October 25th

We have a new edition to the team!

Ms. Fraser, a Socials Studies teacher at Lord Tweedsmuir is joining us for blocks 1 and 2.  She will be taking on 7 I.E.P.'s, including those from Mrs. Kinnis.  She is excited to be a part of the team. 

Wednesday, October 27th


We are starting a traffic safety unit.  In many of the meetings it became clear that students would benefit from spending more time outside the class working on traffic safety, directions, and getting familiar with the community.  This will be every day at the beginning of third block, weather permitting. 

Transition into Adulthood 

We just want to bring www.communityliving.bc.ca to your attention.  This site will get you and your child the support they will need as they transition into adulthood.  There are often long waitlists for programs and we recommend that you get on the lists now. 


Many of you have now had your I.E.P. meetings and will soon be receiving the updated versions.  Please read them over and make any changes you feel necessary.  If you don’t feel any changes are required, please keep the copy for yourself.