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The best diet to lose fat: tips to lose weight fast and easy



Is there a better diet to lose fat? One that will help you lose fat and lose weight, but not have any effect on your muscle mass (perhaps to increase it, if you like)? In fact, there is. Probably the best fat loss diet available today, and you can experience it for yourself.

Today, many of us want to lose weight, but in fact, many of us do it the wrong way. We focus on total weight loss, not fat loss. However, when it CarboFix Reviews comes to losing weight, what we really want to do is lose fat and maintain muscles. So the diet we follow is the best fat loss diet possible, which melts fat and helps us feel good, healthy, strong and best of all, without hunger. There's a diet like that, and it's fast becoming a favorite among those who want to lose some fat, not just some weight.

It's called Fat Loss 4 Idiots, and it's unique because when you follow this plan, you're never hungry. Perhaps best of all, however, it's not about scarcity; True, when you plan "on," you can't join the chocolate cake, but the plan itself focuses on a cycle under which you diet for 11 days, then continue for three days. You can eat what you want. Once again, follow a three-day vacation with another 11 days of diet. When you're on your "three-day vacation" part of the cycle, you can eat that chocolate cake if you want. So you are never attracted because you never stray from your favorite foods.

When you're on the program for 11 days, you focus on eating vegetables and fruits, high-quality protein, and some complex carbohydrates. You eat four times a day, every 2 1/2 hours, so you never go hungry. And it doesn't count calories or try to control portion sizes, because you eat until you're satisfied but not stuffed. Eating too much will be a rarity and eventually shouldn't be, because you'll be eating again in 2.5 hours. So why fill it out yourself?

The program briefly mentions practice, but is not a central part of the program. If you are sedentary for a long time and / or have too much weight to lose, it is best to focus on light exercise, such as a moderate walk for 10 minutes. Having the ability to lose weight and do it, you can always continue your activity. (Of course, check with your doctor before beginning any type of exercise program.)

But, as easy as it may seem, Fat Loss 4 Idiots actually helps you lose weight, which will stay out for a long time, and help you lose it fast. The show promises that in those 11 days on the show, you can lose up to 9 pounds. Do as many program cycles (11 program days, three days off) until you need to reach your ideal weight. After that, you can still follow the program if you want, but you need to adjust it so that you don't continue to lose weight once you reach your desired weight.

If you discovered that diet and magic pills just don't work, one tool that's been proven to work is Fat Loss 4 Idiots.