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Welcome Back to a new school year!!!!

Bates Academy is one of the flagship schools in Detroit Public Schools Community District and has attracted the best and the brightest students in the city. At Bates, the goal is to accelerate student performance by providing rigorous instruction and enriching learning opportunities that appeal to a variety of learning styles and preferences. Bates has a MDE Achievement Gap Percentile Rank of 92 and is known for excellent academics, building its rich heritage since 1981. Bates Academy is an application school for high-performing and gifted students, serving grades Pre-Kindergarten to 8th grade.

Bates Academy is committed to maintaining a safe, respectful, and positive learning environment. Our core mission is to foster high levels of instruction and learning, with the ultimate goal being high student academic achievement and superior citizenship. Teachers, students, and parents share the responsibility to achieve this mission.

Our vision is to prepare students to compete successfully in a global environment that is supported by the opportunities and educational challenges inherent in the Bates Academy academic program. The vision and mission drive the achievement at Bates.
Detroit Public Schools major goal is to guarantee that all children reach their fullest potential. This includes equitable opportunities for students' academic achievement. Bates Academy's vision is aligned with the Detroit Public School goal as we provide a varied, differentiated curriculum to students whose needs are different from those in a regular classroom setting.

Our philosophy, which advocates that exceptional students require a different curriculum, creates a child-focused learning environment whereby all students, their parents, the professional staff and administration become partners working together for total success.