Language Arts

7th Grade Language Arts


STUDY ISLAND - each student has his/her own username to log on
                               - Reading (2010 Standards)



DUE WEDNESDAY 1/9/13 - Paraphrase Worksheet -  paraphrase activity on Photosynthesis - great review for English & Science!

DUE FRIDAY 1/18/13 - Using Inference - what can you infer from these situations?

DUE FRIDAY 1/25/13 - Main Idea - what's your point for writing this?

DUE THURSDAY 1/31/13 -Texting Trolls - homework worksheet for extra reading comprehension practice

COMPLETED IN CLASS 2/20/13 - Drawing Conclusions - worksheet to test your concluding skills

Using a Dictionary - look it up!

Democracy and Freedom - determine meanings of words and practice your Civics all at once!

There, Their, and They're - Which one do I use?

Paragraph Correction (Beginning) - Edit the paragraph

Paragraph Correction (Intermediate) - Edit the paragraph

Paragraph Correction (Advanced) - Edit THIS paragraph

Punctuation: Question Marks - decide if the sentence should end with one or not