Fourth Grade Page

Each grade level works on learning the Arizona State Technology Standards in different ways. 

Fourth grade classes spent the first semester learning: 

  1. The parts of the computer.
  2. How to login.
  3. Use of Microsoft Word; edit, copy, file, save, retrieve, and clipart. These skills will now be used in the second semester to create technology projects.
  4. Were introduced to copying folders from one area to the desktop.
  5. Used the bottom task bar to toggle between two different programs.
  6. They also learned to use the Microsoft Paint program which included working with several different drawing tools.
  7. The Orchard Learning Program was also used in the technology lab allowing the students additional time on academic learning for Language Arts skills. (This will be used second semester only when there is a sub)
  8. All classes used the technology labs to test on the Accelerated Reading program and Galileo bench marking program. These are ongoing test that will occur throughout the year to determine student learning and possible future teaching plans by the classroom teacher.