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Cleaning effect and efficiency of high pressure cleaner
With the continuous improvement of the efficiency, cleanliness rate and environmental protection requirements put forward by the modern society in the cleaning industry, the popularization and application of high-pressure water jet cleaning technology in China is an inevitable trend.

The cleaning industry has always been an essential part of industrial and civilian use. Compared with other cleaning methods, high-pressure cleaners have unparalleled advantages in terms of cleaning efficiency and efficiency, cleaning costs, and environmental protection. The pressure sprayer popularization and application is an inevitable trend.

When the high-pressure cleaning equipment using high-pressure water jets cleans the scale layer of the object, its influence is mainly manifested in the following aspects:

1 The penetration and infiltration of the water jet causes the crack of the scale material to expand, which aggravates the fracture of the scale layer;

2 The shearing force and tensile force of the high-pressure water jet exert brittle failure on the scale layer;

3 water jet softening of the scale material;

4 The shearing action of the high-pressure water jet makes the scale layer easy to break;

5 high pressure water jet impact will cause the peeling effect on the dirt;

6 The impact of the high-pressure water jet emitted by the equipment causes localized rheological and vitreous zones of the scale layer.
After the high-pressure water jet or high-speed water droplets from the high-pressure cleaner impact on the surface of the object, a large shear force is generated during the radial flow of the surface, and the surface scale layer is damaged. For the fouling layer with voids, the jet water will also generate a high pressure in the void under the action of pressure, thereby weakening the structural connection and promoting further damage of the scale layer.