Classroom Expectations:

  • Respect yourself, the teacher, and others.
  • Put forth your best effort at all times.
  • Be prepared for class each day.
  • Follow directions when given.
  • Pay attention, participate, and ask questions.
  • Preserve a positive learning environment.
  • Take responsibility for your actions.

Classroom Policies:

  • Homework turned in late will only recieve half credit.
  • More than 10 minutes late to class is tardy.
  • Grade checks and concerns for acedemics please email me.
  • Students may see me on my lunch break for extra help or schedule a time to met after school.
  • Opportunities will be given throughout each grade quarter

Digital Citizen Procedures:

1. The computer lab is a privilege and all students will treat it with respect.

2. No food or drinks will be allowed in the lab.

3. Task instructions for computer use will be provided before students enter the lab.

4. The students will walk in and sit down quietly.

5. Only one person is authorized to be at each computer.

6. Only approved websites will be accessed.

7. A username and password will be provided by the teacher for each student. No other personal information should be shared while using the internet.

8. If a student is experiencing tech issues, they should raise their hand and wait for the teacher to assist.

9. Save their work often.

10. When leaving the lab: Students should close out all tabs and shut the computers down.

11. Students should gather all materials and take them with them.

On the first day of computer class I will explain the procedures of the computer lab before the students are able to access a computer. I will make sure to go into detail about how this is a privilege that can be taken away if all procedures are not followed correctly. I will also explain to the students about how there is no food or drinks allowed in the lab under any circumstances. Before entering the computer lab I will go over the assignment instructions. When entering the lab the students will sit down quietly at a computer. Each student will be authorized a username and password and only one student is allowed on each computer. The students will only have access to authorized websites chosen by the teacher. If a student is experiencing technical difficulties they will be expected to raise their hand and wait for help. When class is over I will remind all students to save their work, exit out of all tabs, and shut the computers down all the way. I will make sure to have these procedures posted in the classroom for all to revisit when needed. The computer teacher will also be available at all times.


"In teaching others we teach ourselves"  - Proverb