Point System

C.E.S. Challenge students are not given grades to reflect achievement nor are grades placed on permanent folders.  However, it is my policy to award points for each assignment.  This allows the student to work toward a goal and allows the parent to see if student completed the assignment to the best possible level.  Points are designed for students to be in competition only with themselves for each assignment.  Students should receive all points on most assignments because if they do not, they will be expected to correct the work.  I want them to learn the material as well as be successful in the completion of their assignments.  They will record their points on a point sheet that will go home to parents each month.  

 An example of this is as follows: 

Goal Process Skill Points
Create a rap song about my thoughts and feelings. CommunicationAffective 20/25

 ·        The goal is the student’s assignment.

·        The process skill is the required skill(s) used to complete assignment.

·        The “20” represents the number of points the student earned.

·        The “25” represents the number of points possible for that assignment. 

Though students are not in competition with peers on assignment points, they are in overall points.  Extra points can be gained by doing extra credit work.  Extra credit work can be found throughout the Challenge classroom in designated centers.  After students complete classroom assignments, they are expected to work as many extra credit items as possible (centers will be changed periodically).  Completing these centers correctly will allow students to gain extra points.   The one Challenge student who has earned the most points at the end of each nine weeks is allowed to sit at my desk, eat a snack, and drink a soft drink while others work.  As you can imagine, students work hard to earn this treat! 

If you have any questions about this system, please call the school and set up a time for us to discuss it further.  Thank you!