Jelly Bean SCAMPER

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SCAMPER is a technique that allows you to think creatively by substituting, combining, adapting, modifying, putting things to other uses, eliminating and reversing or rearranging.  Use the SCAMPER technique on jelly beans.  

S:        Jelly beans are generally used at Easter.  How can we make jelly beans part of the other holidays?  State ways that we can use jelly beans for other holidays. 

C:        Combine jelly beans with other candies to come up with five original types of candy. 

A:        What would happen if there were no jelly beans made at Easter time?  How could the problem be solved for all of the people who love jelly beans? 

M:        What would happen if jelly beans were square or the size of baseballs?  How would that affect sales, packaging and the flavor? 

P:        Many jelly beans are rejected if they are not perfect.  What other things could we do with the rejected jelly beans? 

E:        What could the jelly bean manufacturers do if they ran out of the color coating ingredients to color all the jelly beans? 

R:        What if jelly beans grew on trees rather than being manufactured?  How would that affect the world?  Who would be affected?  

Answer each question on the back of this sheet.


Extra Credit: Create the 5 original types of candy from “C” and bring to our next class day.  Be prepared to share with everyone.  (50pts)