Colors of Me

"What a joyous thing is color!  How influenced we all are by it, even if we are unconscious of how our sense of restfulness has been brought about."  -Elsie De Wolfe, actress & writer

Colors often remind people of different qualities.  Maybe red makes you think of anger, or blue makes you think of peace.  Some people believe that your favortie color says something about your personality.

From the colors listed below, choose your favorite 4 and rank them in order from 1st favorite down to 4th favorite.


What do you think these colors say about you?  Look at the list of Personality Traits and match a trait to the 4 colors you chose.

A.  patient and persistent; poised and dignigied; a rational decision-maker 

B.  intellectual and spiritual; wise and high-minded; inventive and creative

C.  tradition and authority are important; a solid citizen, admired by many

D.  courageous, energetic, ethusiastic, restless; passionate and impulsive!

E.  sensitive and refined; high standards; has a devoted circle of close friends

F.  warm nature; filled with the joy of life; inspires others to reach their highest potential; popular; a leader

Do the personality traits for that color fit you?  If they don't, its okay because color can still tell you about your personal style.

Color can make us feel certain ways.  For example, oragne is believed to make people hungry.  That's why so many fast-food restaurants are painted orange inside.  Bubblegum pink is believed to calm people down.  It has been used in prisons.

There's a scientific explanation for how color affects our feelings.  Each color has a particular wavelength.  When it strikes the color-sensitive cones at the back of the eye, the cells fire, sending nerve signals to the brain.  This may release certain brain chemicals which determine our moods.

There's no right or wrong way to respond to color.  Orange may make you feel hungry- or it may make you feel too nervous to eat.  The way you feel about color is part of your personal style.  Compare how you matched colors & traits to how most other people match them.

RED:  D          GREEN:  C          ORANGE:  F          BLUE:  A          YELLOW:  B          PURPLE:  E



You will add your four favorite colors (in order) to the four pictures of you.  This will create an ANDY WARHOL effect to your picture.  What's an ANDY WARHOL?  Look below for examples of his art. 



 Andy Warhol