Challenge Guide

Parent Guide to Challenge

Columbia Elementary School 4th & 5th Grade 

MISSION STATEMENT: The mission of the CHALLENGE Program is to meet the special needs of intellectually gifted children and provide necessary instructional modifications to increase their metacognition skills. 

PROGRAM GOALS: It is the goal of the CHALLENGE Program to teach information using thinking skills, creativity, research skills, effective communication skills, group dynamics, socio/emotional awareness, self-directed learning, career exploration, life skills, and visual/performing arts. 

STATE DEFINITIONS: “Intellectually Gifted Children shall mean those children and youth who are found to have an exceptionally high degree of intelligence as documented through the identification process.” “Gifted Education Programs (GEP) shall mean special programs of instruction for intellectually gifted children in grades 2-12… Such programs shall be designed to meet the individual needs of gifted children and shall be in addition to and different from the regular program of instruction provided by the district. 

PURPOSE: “To ensure that gifted children who demonstrate unusually high potential as described in the above definitions are identified and offered an appropriate education based upon their exceptional abilities.  Because of their unusual capabilities, they require uniquely qualitatively different educational programs to enable gifted students to realize their abilities and potential contributions of self and society.” 

HOMEWORK/CLASSWORK: “Gifted students in grades 2-8 may not be required to make-up classwork missed when they are scheduled to be in the gifted classroom.  Gifted students shall be held accountable for demonstrating mastery of concepts and information on regularly scheduled tests.” 

ANNUAL REASSESSMENT: A committee shall meet at least annually to reassess each gifted student’s continuation in the gifted program.  Since participation in the gifted program is an entitlement under law, the student should remain in the gifted program as long as they are being successful in the program.  Should the committee determine that the student should exit the program due to lack of progress in the program and/or unsatisfactory participation in the program, the student’s parents must be notified and given the opportunity to discuss the decision with the committee before the student is removed.