Program Overview

Mississippi Gifted Education Act

The Mississippi Gifted Education Act mandates that each public school district within the state provide gifted education programs for intellectually gifted students in grades 2-6.  These programs must be designed to meet the individual needs of gifted students and shall be in addition to and different from regular program of instruction provided by the district.  Artistically, creatively, and academically gifted programs are optional and subject to the approval of the State Board of Education.

Program Goals

It is the goal of the CHALLENGE program to teach information using thinking skills, creativity, research skills, effective communications skills, group dynamics, soci/emotional awareness, self-directed learning, career exploration, life skills, and visual/performing arts.

Program Overview

The CHALLENGE program of the Columbia School District is a multidisciplinary enrichment program provided in a resource room setting.  It is provided on an elective basis for students who have been ruled eligible for educational services to intellectually gifted students.  Each student, based on interests, needs, and abilities, are exposed to challenging investigations incorportated in academic disciplines.  Integrated process skills are utilized to encourage higher cognitive thought development, affective development, and academic skill development through meaningful and practical application.  Evaluation of student progress, teacher effectiveness, and program components are reviewed annually with formative and summative evaluation procedures insuring accountability to the public and educational community.