Rules and Procedures

Challenge Classroom Rules

  1. Enter classroom quietly and ready to learn.

  2. Be respectful of teacher and other students.

    • Do not talk when others are talking.

    • Speak politely.

    • Do not touch anything that isn’t yours without permission.

    • Everyone deserves kind words and encouragement.

  3. Stay in seat when lesson is happening.

  4. Follow all directions and rules/procedures.

  5. Use bathroom and get water at specific times.

  6. No eating or drinking in classroom.  NO GUM!!!!!!!

  7. Do ALL assignments in timely manner.

  8. Keep classroom, materials, supplies, and assignments neat. 


Challenge Classroom Procedures


  1. Warning
  2. 1/2 recess
  3. Full recess
  4. Parent phone call
  5. After-school detention
  6. Principal referral


  1. wait for me to pick you up from your classroom
  2. enter room quietly and turn in any papers before sitting down
  3. walk quietly to collect binder from bookshelf
  4. walk quietly to seat
  5. immediately complete part 1 of Learning Reflection Journal 

PROCEDURE FOR PENCILS/PENS:  All pens and pencils are to LIVE in your pencil bag - do not take them to the regular classrooms.  You will use a pencil for everything EXCEPT final copies and special projects that the teacher will identify.  Mechanical pencils are preferred, however, if you use a traditional wooden pencil, you must sharpen pencils at beginning of class.  Do not sharpen pencil during instruction time.

PROCEDURE FOR GETTING OUT OF SEAT:  Stay in your seat during instruction time (when teacher or another student is talking).  Otherwise, during work time, you may freely get up and get needed supplies or to throw away trash - not to visit with friends.  Be respectful of others working.

PROCEDURE FOR WRITING NAME ON PAPER:  In top right corner of daily papers, write your name, group, and date.

PROCEDURE FOR SNACKS IN THE CLASSROOM:  No eating or drinking in class unless teacher plans it.  

PROCEDURE FOR "FREE" TIME:  You have no "free" time, BUT there is always something to do!!  If you finish your assignment early, you must go to a center and perform activities provided. 

PROCEDURE FOR CENTER TIME:  Though the centers are organized according to the 8 multiple intelligences, you may choose to work in any center.  You must follow the directions provided at each center.  All assignments must be turned in on paper for credit.  No more than 2 students allowed in each center. 

PROCEDURE FOR CLASS ABSENCE:  Missed assignments will be located in front of class in a folder.  It is your responsibility to collect the assignment and complete it.


  1. If it isn't yours, don't take it, use it, or abuse it.
  2. Keep your Challenge classroom and work area clean and neat.  If you mess it up, break it, dirty it, you must admit it, take responsibility, and fix it. 
  3. Say "mam'" & "sir".
  4. Raise your hand to speak or if you need assistance.
  5. Always encourage and support your other Challenge students - don't criticize in a negative way!

Remember, YOU are in control of your own learning. Be responsible and never give up. You are worth every ounce of effort you give!!  Believe it and achieve it!!