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Unit Descriptions

Unit Descriptions

Poetry Cafe` After learning about poetry, students will select a published poem, interepret, memorize, and recite at Cafe`.  This event is designed for 4th grade Challenge students only and participation is mandatory.
3-D Art Students will create 3-D art of their hand.
Vincent van Gogh Students will read a book about van Gogh; select between Starry Night & Sunflowers to recreate with crayons; research & summarize information on painting & artist
All About Me Students will recognize and develop an understanding of giftedness, their multiple intelligence, personality traits, and learning styles.  Students will do so by using the computer to research as well as a variety of self-reflection sheets.  Students will also write about their self-discovery along with illustrations to share with others.

Dig It!

Dig It!, is a musical about ancient civilizations.  This journey begins in Ethiopia with two young archeologists, Taki and Tut. They meet Lucy, a three million year old skeleton, who takes them to the ancient civilizations of Mesopotamia, Egypt, China, Greece, and Rome.  This fun musical is based on historical facts and will surely entertain all!

This year's presentation is scheduled for April 30, 2015.  Our program will begin at 6:00 and last approximately 45 minutes. The program will only feature the 5th grade Challenge students and is a mandatory event form them.


Get 2 Months for $5!