'A Bunch' of Curriculum

Our First Grade Curriculum


            These three areas not only overlap, but also are a main focus in First Grade. Your child will be exposed to the Scott Foresman reading program, which includes stories, a daily phonics piece, weekly spelling lists and language activities. Instruction is done in both large and small group settings. High Frequency words are sent home, as part of homework, to be memorized. We currently have 300 high frequency words. I encourage students to learn all 300.


            Spelling will begin in October. Spelling lists are incorporated with the stories we will be reading. Studying spelling words will become a weekly homework assignment. Children will be responsible for the world list and the challenge words. I will also give two words, not on the list, that apply to the spelling concept to check for application. The pre-test will be given on Friday (allowing weekend study time), and the post-test will be given that following Thursday.


            Our main goal in math is to create an understanding of number-ness. Our math practice book is called A Beka Book (Traditional Arithmetic Series). I will also introduce a multitude of math games and activities to enhance understanding. Specific goals are listed on the First Grade Benchmarks sheet.


            These areas of the curriculum will be integrated with reading, writing, language, and math. Some of the specific areas we will be covering are: animals and their homes, plants, weather and seasons, energy and magnets, family and friends, safety, nutrition, hygiene and wellness.


            My goal is to encourage daily physical activity that involves both group games and individual growth. Sportsmanship and participation are emphasized. Children should wear tennis shoes and clothing appropriate for active play every day.


            Creative expression is always encouraged. Line, texture, color, and both two and three dimensional forms are introduced. Music includes songs, rhythm, beat and creative movement. We dramatize some stories we read and participate in reader’s theater in the spring.



            I am currently trying to build my own classroom library. I am keeping a look out for leveled reading books, classic grade appropriate books, as well as specific genres and areas of interests. I believe in providing students with in-class library time to allow them to explore books and become interested in reading.

            Students will attend a weekly lesson in the computer lab. Here, they will focus on how to open and close different programs, use of the mouse, keyboard skills, etc. Please note that the use of the computer lab is a part of our curriculum; however, inappropriate behavior/damaging property will result in your child loosing his/her privileges.

HOMEWORK—Homework traditionally comes home on Fridays. It is due back by Wednesday or Thursday *Homework consists of reading, word practice, spelling, math, sharing and occasionally writing and/or science.

·         Book Bags: Book bags contain a selection of book(s) at your child’s reading level. This bag will go home with them each week. Each bag has a selection of books that need to be read to you. Each book needs to be read 3 times, until the length of book increases. Your child should not struggle with these books. Not knowing a few words is okay. Ask your child to summarize the book-including beginning, middle and end. Understanding is what reading is all about. Return books as soon as the books have been read and new ones will be sent home. Reading should be done daily.

·         High Frequency Words: Words are part of reading homework. These sight words need to be practiced daily. They should be memorized! When your child is ready, check their homework slip and I will test them. If your child passes, I will send home a new list. There are 300 words!

·         Spelling Lists: Spelling will come home weekly starting in October. Words should be practiced at home. Tests will be given on Thursdays.

·         Math Facts: Math facts will be coming home soon. Math facts need to be practiced at home until memorized. I will test weekly at school. Our first trimester goal is addition facts to 6.

·         Sharing: Sharing will be assigned most weeks. Children should prepare and practice their sharing. They are encouraged to get up in front of the class, introduce themselves, and present their assigned sharing.

**I believe in homework without tears. You are welcome to turn any or all of it into a game. If problems arise, please insist on reading, but send me a note about what was not done and I will discuss it with your child.