Language Skills

Teaching Language 1

Language 1 provides an interesting introduction to written language for the first-grade student, integrating grammar, creative writing, and reading comprehension in a delightful manner. Many of the concepts are taught during class phonics time as well as during creative writing, and guided reading centers.



Upon completion of the work in Language 1, students should have mastered the following skills:

1.     Write in complete sentences

2.    Capitalize the first word of a sentence, the days of the week, and the months of the year.

3.    Place a period at the end of a sentence

4.    Know and use suffixes and prefixes

5.    Recognize and work with rhyming words, compound words, and contractions.

6.    Alphabetize words.

7.    Write original sentences, paragraphs, and stories on given topics.

8.    Comprehend reading material on a first-grade level or above.