Mount Olive Elementary
Bright From The Start
*Alphabet Zoo*
The animals are all mixed up!  Sort them by putting the animals in ABC order.  Good Luck!
 *Clifford's Interactive Storybooks*
Here you can read great stories, play fun games, or both!!  You can choose from great games that involve
letters, sounds and words.  Have fun with Clifford! 
*Upper and Lower Case Letters*
Match each upper and lower case letter 
*Alphabet Action*
Click on a letter to hear its name and sound 
*ABC Game*
Pick the object that starts with the letter at the top of the page
 *Clifford's Sound Matching Game*
Drag the pictures to the box that b egin with the designated sound
*Connect the Numbers*
At this site you can count and connect numbers to create fun pictures!  
*Monster Math*
 Find the numbers 1-20 that are hidden in this picture.  Good Luck!
*Fishing for Numbers*
Match the number on the pole to the number of fish in the water 
*PBS Kids*
I absolutely love this site!  It has a wide variety of characters from Sesame Street, Clifford and Curious George to Dragontales, SuperWhy, Reading Rainbow and more.  There is so much to watch, play and learn on this site with letters, number, colors, shapes and more!  Take a while and enjoy exploring!!