Ask Me About


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Throughout the year you will probably hear your child say they can't remember what they did at school.  This page is to help you and your child stay connected to our class events and activities.  Each week we will provide you with questions to ask your child about the activities/skills we are learning about in school. 

This week, ask me about...

....fall leaves.  We have taken a nature walk, and made leaf rubbings.  Fall has beautiful colored leaves that aren't green.  Ask me to name a few!

....acorns.  Where do they come from?  Who eats them?  We even have acorns in our Science Area that I can explore with, count and weigh everyday.  Ask me what they look like!   

...turkeys.  I am learning a song about Mr. Turkey and even made him with my hand.  Ask me about his beautiful feathers and what he says when he speaks!