Students must have homework in class when it is due.  Students will lose a circle for each missing assignment.  The only time homework is excused is if the child was sick and has a note to varify that the absence was due to illness.  Students are responsible for homework when the absence is considered unexcused. 


Three assignments will be assigned during the week. Spelling tests will be given on Friday.  There will be three different spelling groups.  As students improve in their spelling they will move up to new groups.


1) Assignments will be given Monday through Thursday.  Homework will consist of skills that are a review of previously taught lessons. 

2)  I strongly encourage students to practice multiplication skills daily.  A timed multiplication test will be given on Fridays.  Students will test and advance at their own individual pace.  Mastery of multiplication tables is extremely important as students advance to division and 4-digit by 2-digit multiplication. 


1) Students are expected to read at home each night for a minimum of 20 minutes.  Students will return reading logs with at least three entries and their parent’s signature on Monday mornings. 

2)  We will have a reading story just about every week.  Students are responsible for knowing the new vocabulary reading words as well as rereading their story every Thursday night.  Students should read the story aloud to a parent.  I encourage parents to check comprehension by asking their child specific questions about the story.

3)  Book reports and special reading projects will also be assigned during the course of the year.

Science/Social Studies 

There will be a limited amount of assignments in these areas including comprehension study guides, and special projects.

Your child will be given an agenda which is an assignment pad to record homework given daily.  I will write the assignments on the board each day and your child will be given time to copy the homework into his/her agenda.  I would like for you to initial their agenda daily.  This will allow you a chance to see what homework was expected during the week and eliminate any surprises about expectations.  If any assignments were missed or incomplete, I will make a note in the agenda.  Please use the agenda as a communication tool.  The agenda should be brought to school each day.  If your child does not have his/her agenda or failed to get a signature by Friday, it will count against their citizenship grade.

Weekly Work

On Fridays, your child’s work from the that week will be sent home in their homework folder.  Please take the time to review the papers with your child and sign their citizenship report.  Your child will return their citizenship report signed by a parent by Monday.  If the citizenship report are not returned by Monday, your child will lose a circle.

I will send a citizenship report home every Friday in your child’s weekly work folder.  Please review this report and sign it.  I will encourage your
child to make the right choices in following rules and taking responsibility for his/her own actions.  I do not give them their citizenship grades; they earn their own grades based on the choices they make during the week. 

Citizenship Grading Scale
0 - 1 marks       A
2 - 3 marks       B
4 - 5 marks       C
6 - 7 marks       D
8+    marks        F


Please feel free to send me notes of any questions or concerns you might have.  The best way to contact me is by email.   bcaine@escambia.k12.fl.us