Mrs. Garvey's English/Language Arts Class

What is happening this year? -  Our focus for the year includes informational literature, grammar, writing, vocabulary and research.  Cooperative learning stratigies are in place to aid each student with the mastery of skills and learning.  Changes have been made in the Accelerated Reader (AR) program.  Students are now required to read one fiction and two nonfiction books, take and pass corresponding AR quizzes, and complete periodic journal entries or activities on their books.  The fiction book and one nonfiction book need to be related to information on the Holocaust.

What is happening in class?  - During the winter months we will focus on grammar (Shurley Grammar), poetry, reading strategies, Latin and Greek roots, and parallel reading/research activities/projects.  Our area of focus will center on the Holocaust and Black History.

Materials:  Students will need a 1-2 inch binder divided into four sections, pencils, a paper supply, one black or blue pen, one red pen, colored pencils, AR books, and cooperative, engaging attitudes.  Additional materials requested of students by the beginning of second semester are a spiral notebook (70+ sheets) to use for a writing journal, and both a fiction book and nonfiction book on or related to information about the Holocaust.  Note: A supply of Post-Its note pads will be helpful for all students during this grading period.

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