mitosis for garde 9

Mitosis is the process by which the somatic cell divides in order to producs two daughter cells each receives the same number of chromosomes as mother cell,this process accompained by four phases:

prophase :Chromatin condensesinto chromosomes;the chromosomes are longtudinally divided into two chromatids;nuclear membrane disappear;achromatic spindle forms.

Metaphase:the chromosomes forming equatorial plate at the center of the cell.

Anaphase:the centromere divides into two, the chromatids migarates equally from the center of the cell to ward the opposite poles of the cell.

Telophase:The chromosomes uncoil, the spindle fibers braks down and dis appear ,the cell membrane constrict into two halves each half surrounds one set of chromosomes, so two cells are obtained each having the same number of chromisomes as mother cell