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Chemistry: Precision and Design

This excited class will start off with subatomic particles and the periodic table and graduate into balancing chemical equations and understanding chemical bonds. This will be a "hands on" year that everyone will thoroughly enjoy. Since this year will contain several equations and some complicated concepts, we will precede slowly.  This means that a couple of chapters will be skipped so we can grasp the essential concepts to understanding Chemistry.

Required Supplies

  • A Beka Chemistry: Precision & Design, 3rd Edition
  • A Beka Chemistry Answer Key, 3rd Edition
  • A Beka Chemistry Lab Manual, 3rd Edition

Syllabus is a guide. It includes all the assignments for the week; you can complete the work as you see fit during the week. Keep in mind that due dates for assignments DO NOT change.

Grade Categories:

  • Closed Book Tests will be made by myself.
  • The homework grade will consist of various concept worksheets.
  • Open Book Quizzes will be assigned online.
  • Lab grade will consist of in-class experiments.
  • One project will be completed each semester.
Get 2 Months for $5!