Advanced Biology in Creation

Welcome to Apologia Human Anatomy!

This will be a stimulating year filled with numerous fascinating topics.  We will be working together to enhance our understanding of the body through class discussions and experiments.  This advanced biology course covers both the anatomy and physiology of each of the human body's organ systems for those students who have successfully completed high school biology.  Please note that the reproductive system is covered in detail, inculding accurate yet respectful illustrations and descriptions.  This will be a "hands on" year that I think everyone will thoroughly enjoy.

The syllabus attached below is a guide.  It includes all the assignments for the week; you can complete the work as you see fit during the week.  The due dates for homework assignments and exams DO NOT change so make sure everything is completed.  Assignments are not accepted more than one week late which do have a ten point deduction.

Grade Categories:

  • Closed Book Test are located on Engrade under Tests & Quizzes.
  • Daily work grade consists of "On Your Own" questions, "Study Guide" questions, and videos.  These will not be turned in but signed off by the parents upon completion on a Homework Assignment Sheet (HAS) which is emailed on Friday afternoons.
  • Vocabulary quizzes will given in class and the lowest grade will be dropped.
  • Lab grade will consist of virtual experiments and in class experiments.
  • One project will be completed each semester.  Participation in science fair is optional.

Please keep in mind I am available at all times.  I do prefer the student call or send an email when they need extra clarification on topics or assignments.  This process helps the student became more responsible and independent in their studies.