8-24-12 Science Lesson 7.1

Chapter 7, Lesson 1 Notes

*A system is a group of parts that work together as a whole.

*The Earth system involves a constant flow of matter through different parts.

*The constant flow, or cycling, of matter through the Earth system is driven by energy.

*Energy is the ability to do work.

*The energy that drives the Earth system has two main sources: heat from the sun and heat flowing out of Earth as it cools

*The Earth system has 5 main spheres: the atmosphere, the hydrosphere, the geosphere, the cryosphere, and the biosphere.

*As a major source of energy for Earth processes, the sun can be considered part of the Earth system as well.

*Earth’s atmosphere is the relatively thin envelope of gases that forms Earth’s outermost layer

*Earth’s geosphere has three main parts: a metal core, a solid middle layer, and a rocky outer layer

*The hydrosphere contains Earth’s water.

*Earth’s cryosphere contains all the water in the form of ice on or in Earth: glaciers, snowfields, ice caps, ice sheets, sea ice, and frozen ground.

*The part of Earth that contains living organisms makes up the biosphere