Honors Physical science syllabus


350                                      Mr. Benjamin Croley                                    350

                    Honors Physical Science 2020-2021



Please read over the following syllabus.  



Physical Science – Concepts in Action, Wysession, Frank and  Yancopoulos. Provided on google classroom.


Course Description

Honors Physical Science provides an opportunity for students who have demonstrated excellence in previous science courses to further their knowledge base and skills through a rigorous challenging course at the ninth grade level. The rigor and challenge of the course will be built around the constructed physical science framework that has the Next Generation Science Standards as a foundation. Using the 5 E model (engage, explore, explain, elaborate, and evaluate), I hope to spark the natural curiosity of the student and develop a new perspective on how to look at the world in which he/she lives.  The course is designed to show connections between concepts throughout science.  The course is inquiry based and will consist of lecture, demonstrations and experiments performed by the students.

Course Goals

The class is aligned with the goals and objectives outlined in the NGSS that fall under the category of physical science.


Materials Required

Students are responsible for bringing materials to class EACH DAY.

  • Paper

  • Writing Utensil

  • Three –ring Binder



The class covers an extensive amount of material.  In order for the student to be successful, this will require much exposure and practice with the concept being taught.  Due to the limited amount of time allotted in class, there will be approximately three to five homework assignments per week in addition to in-class assignments, tests, quizzes, notebook and final exams.  All assignments are expected to be turned in on due date unless the student is absent to receive credit.


Make-up work policy

If a student has an excused absence, then make-up work will be accepted per school policy.  If the student does not have an excused absence, then no make-up work will be accepted. It is the student’s responsibility to obtain any make-up work from the instructor.  This is best accomplished by arriving at my room before the school day schedule begins or after the day ends.  This allows for me time to explain and assist the student with the missed material. I arrive at the school each day by 7:20 and leave approximately 3:30.


Class participation

In order to ensure the student obtains the most from the course, he/she will need to be present and actively involved. The amount and quality of time put forth by student correlates to the grade earned by the student.


Lab safety

Lab safety is a very important issue that must not be taken lightly.  Any unsafe act or horseplay during labs or even the classroom will result in a zero (0%) on the lab assignment and a write-up disciplinary form.



Homework, quizzes, tests, in-class assignments, notebooks, and laboratory assignments will compose the bulk of the student’s grade.  Other assignments such as projects, term papers, and reports will be given throughout the course. Grading scale for course is the same as established by Whitley County High School and grades.


Classroom rules

Classroom rules will be provided to the student upon return to in-seat classes. Everyone will be asked to wear masks while in our buildings this fall.  Students and staff will be expected to wear masks when they are moving around the building or when they are not able to maintain the six feet social distancing guideline. If a student does not wear a mask, he/she will be provided one by the office staff or Youth Service Center. If he/she continues to not follow the mask rule, the parent will be called for a parent conference. Not wearing a mask is a dress code violation and will be treated as such.


NTI Day Expectations

In the occurrence of our school utilizing NTI Days due to COVID-19, inclement weather, or other unforeseen circumstance, the following classroom guidelines will be enforced:

  •  All students must check in on Google Classroom daily in order to ensure that they are receiving the optimal educational experience possible.
  • NTI Assignments will be posted to Google Classroom. These assignments should be completed and submitted on the specified days, unless instructed otherwise.
  • Classroom participation in online activities is just as important as participation during in-person class. It is expected that students participate during online discussions and activities.
  • Throughout NTI, there will be scheduled lived Zoom meetings to provide greater engagement between student and teacher.  IF you cannot attend the live zoom meeting, a recording of the lesson will be posted to Google Classroom. 
  • Until in-seat sessions resume, all assessments will be taken online. 

Parents and students:


Please feel free to ask if you have any questions, issues, need assistance with course work, or concerns pertaining to the course.  You may approach me before or after class to talk or arrange a designated time that would be best to address the situation.


I understand that many careers or schedules are different from that of school.  That is why I try to make myself as available to the parent’s schedule as possible.  I may be reached at Whitley County High School by phone to discuss any questions or concerns that may arise.  If you need to schedule a time to speak with me, please leave a message through the school and I will use the information sheet to contact you. My planning period is during second period (9:00-10:00).  I am usually at the school by 7:20 a.m. and leave approximately 3:30 p.m. The phone number at Whitley County High School is (606) 549-7025. Also, I have a web page as an additional resource for the course.  You will be able to access homework and other information from this resource. The web address is:



Colonel Pride

 Purpose                                      Respect                                             Integrity                                       Determination                                  Excellence