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At-Home Resources

Grade 4


Hi Parents and 4th grade students,

Below I have added all 5 of the assignments that were posted on the Science Lab google classroom for grade 4. Each date contains a reading and a set of questions. The dates are 4/20, 4/27, 5/4, 5/11, and 5/18.  Please be sure to include your child’s name and room number on their answers.

If your child has completed the assignments in Science Lab google classroom they do not need to complete them again.

Thank you.

Ms. Dubielak-Wood



One Big Family reading

One Big Family questions



Through the Nose reading

Through the Nose questions



Three Cheers for Ears reading

Three Cheers for Ears questions



Sensing the World Around Us reading

Sensing the World Around Us questions



Earth Day-Kid Heroes reading      (only need to read pp. 8-9 to answer the questions)

Earth Day-Kid Heroes questions



Dear Parents/Guardians,

Grade 4 Science Lab activities are now found on Google Classroom. Each student was sent the code to register for the Sciene Lab class. Please email me if you have any questions.           bdubielak-wood@cpsedu. 



Dear Parents,

Here are some Grade 4 readings and activities for at home use. I selected things that are as closely connected to what we are doing in class as I could get. I will continue to search for appropriate resources. 


Grade 4


Sensing the World Around Us

What's This? - Life in the Dark

What's This? - Sawfish

What's This? - Seeing with Sound

Video: Too Slow to See



Parents/guardians: sign up for a free family account on BrainPop so your child can log in, view the video, and complete the activities.

Go to BrainPOP (

Click on Request free access and create a family account.

Click Enter Code at the top.

Add your child to my Grade 4 class using the Class Code oxen3421

Watch the video (type Eyes in the search bar).

Write the vocabulary definitions and sentences.

Complete the worksheet.

Take the quiz.

Read the Did you Know, Q&A, and Quirky Stuff related readings.



The Human Body-Your Vision

What's This-Seeing in All Directions

Eyes and Vision

What's Your Eye-Q

Lesson:   How does your brain control your body?

Video:   Inverted Images in a Pinhole Viewer