Language Services

This page is intended for students who recieve language therapy within the school setting. Language difficulties may include difficulties in the following areas: comprehension , social-pragmatic difficulties, and oral/written communication.

Daily language activities are provided below for you to complete with your child.

Please note that these activities can be completed within 5-10 minutes.

It is out hope that these activities that these activities will keep them engaged in their natural environment. We are here to support you if questions arise. 


Language Level 1 is intended for Kindergarten-2nd grade.

Language Level 2 is intended for 3rd-5th. 

Social Communication activities are inteneded for students that need additional support in the area of pragmatics. 


Language Level 1: K-2

Monday: Find a pair of scissors and answer these questions!

(1) What is it used for? (2) What are some things that go with it? (3) What category does it belong to? (4) What is it made out of? (5) What are its parts?

Tuesday: Answer these questions! 

  • Who bakes cakes?
  • What tells time?
  • Where do astronaunts go?
  • When do you rake leaves?
  • Why do some people where glasses?
  • How do you make popcorn?

Wendesday: Follow these directions! Listen carefully!

  1. Frown then make a silly face
  2. Say your last name then clap your hands 3 times
  3. Count to 5 then stick out your tongue

Thursday: Have a competition with a partner! How many can you name?

  • Pets
  • Zoo animals
  • Sea creatures
  • Forest Animals
  • Farm Animals
  • Bugs

Friday: Are these sentences correct? If not, try to fix it!

  1. Them are having fun.
  2. Me see a bird.
  3. The boy plays soccer.
  4. She have braces. 


Language Level 2: 3-5

Monday: Synonyms are words that mean the same thing. What are the synonyms for these words?

  • Difficult
  • Filthy
  • Correct

Tuesday: What do these sentences mean?

  1. You crack me up.
  2. Don't spill the beans.
  3. I'm feeling blue.
  4. I have cold feet. 

Wendesday: Prompt: The elevator in the hospital is broken.

  • What is the problem?
  • Why is it a problem?
  • What is a solution?

Thursday: How are these objects alike/different?

  • Strawberry - Blueberry
  • Washer - Dryer
  • Surfboard - Snowboard

Friday: Put these words in the correct order to make a sentence

(1) store the went I to

(2) the flower plant garden the in


Social Communication

Mustache Monday: I mustache you a question!! 

Your aunt tells you she got a new puppy. What are three things you could ask her? 

Tuesday: What can you say to interrupt a person politley? Why is it important to use good manners?

Wendesday: You want to ride your bike but it has a flat tire. What si the problem> Tell two possible solutions. 

Thursday: Liam pput on his suit, grabbed his towel, sunglasses, and put on sunscreen. Name two places he might be going. 

Feeling Friday: Name 3 things that make you happy! Name 3 things that make you mad!