Speech Services

This page is intended for students who receive speech therapy within the school setting and have difficulty with articulation and/or fluency. Most of our students are aware of what their individual speech sounds are. Please ask your child what "sounds" they have been working on in speech. If they are unable to do so, please email us so we can provide you with their speech sounds. 

Daily articulation activities are provided below for you to complete with your child.

Please note that these activities can be completed within 5-10 minutes.

It is our hope that these activities will keep them engaged in their natural environment. We are here to support you if questions arise. 


Articulation Activities

Monday: Read a book while using your best speech sounds. 

Tuesday: Draw a picture with at least 2 things that have your speech sounds. Describe your picture to someone. 

Wednesday: Practice using your best speech sounds during breakfast.

Think it Thursday: How many boy names can you think of that have your speech sounds?

Find it Friday: Look through a book or magazine. Make a list of things you can find with your speech sounds. Say each word 5 times. 


Fluency Activities

Monday: Say the following sentence using super slow speech then again with super fast speech: Did you see the movie Sonic the Hedgehog?

Tuesday: Draw a picture with at least 2 things and describe it to someone using your best fluency.

Wednesday: Practice using your best fluency during breakfast.

Thursday: When talking with people today, make sure you talk using an appropriate rate (think about your timing, need for pausing)

Find it Friday: Stretch out these words: Apple, Egg, Igloo, Octopus, Onion