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Early 20th Century

Early 20th Century

USII.6 Early 20th Century: Prosperity to Depression

The 1920s Unit

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*Games, flashcards, crosswords, and practice quizzes

*Study guide/notes

*Roaring Twenties video clip

The Great Depression Unit

*Riding the Rails {in class activity}: Read what young people (hoboes) riding the trains had to say about their journey and then write your own journal entry.  (Pg 47 of binder)

TVA: Rural Electriciation:

WPA: School Lunch Program:

CCC: Camps at the TVA:

*Hard Times {in class activity}: Look at pictures from the Great Depression and select 1 to write a newpaper article (at least 8 sentences) about.  Make sure to give your article a title that tells me what picture it corresponds with.

*Great Depression video clip


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