Classroom Expectations 

Behavior Expectations:

Students are responsible for their own supplies, books, and classwork. I have high expectations for my students and always expect them to be prepared. The only time that I allow phones in my class is when, on occasion, I allow students to listen to music while doing individual work. If at any other time I see a phone out, I will keep it the rest of the day. Students have assigned seats in my class.



In this 6th grade English class, students will learn the following:

  • Writing with multiple prompts
  • Reading chapter books and educational texts
  • Correct grammar, sentence struture, and spelling

Students will also be asked to do the following projects throughout the year:

  • Generations project
  • Book Report (at least one)
  • Essays
  • Letters



Late work- If it is an excused absence, late work will be accepted. Otherwise, the student will recieve a Zero

Tardiness- Any student who is late to my class without a note, will be marked tardy. 

Extra credit options- When appropriate, students will be given the opportunity for extra credit assignments. They will be offered to everyone, with no special circumstances. 

Grade checks- Students and parents can check their grades at any time online through the school's system. Students can also talk to me at anytime with questions of their grades. Grades are officially posted every 3 weeks. 

Concerns with academics- If any parent is concerned with their child's academics, they should email me to discuss. Students must keep all grades a C or above to stay ellegable for all UIL and exra-curricular activities. 

Expectations for homework each night- There won't necesarily be homework every night, but when there is, it is expected to be done to the best of their ability.

Office hours- My office is always open after school for at least an hour, but if a student needs additional help, they need to make a plan with me to stay longer. 

Extra help time- I am always available to help my stduents with whatever they may need. Students need to feel comfortable telling me when they may need help, and I will make sure to make they time for them. 



Rules & Consequences:


  • Always sit in your assign seat
  • Be respectful to yout peers, teachers, administration, and yourself
  • No phones (unless teacher has given permission)
  • No chewing gum


       Students will recieve warnings at first, but if it continues, there are several things that can happen:

  • Sent to office
  • Given ISS (In School Suspension)
  • Written up 
  • Parental Conference 
  • Coach given a call 


Reward System:

Positive Reinforcement will be used in my classroom in many ways. Students will be given rewards for doing a certain amount of good things. This might be a good grade, helping out in the classroom, cleaning up after themselves, etc. Rewards might be:

  • Pizza Party
  • Ice Cream Social
  • Eating Lunch in my room
  • Being able to listen to music in class
  • Getting an extra 10 points on an assignment


How Students are Graded:

Students are graded on several things. Students will be actually graded on the work they do in class, tests, and quizzes. They will also be given partipation points on:

  • Homework
  • Participation in Class
  • Exit Tickets
  • Movie Notes

Participation points cannot be made up, whether an excused absense or not.