Intro to Philosophy

Here is the Syllabus for Introduction to Philosophy

Week 1

Reading Assignment:  Why Study Philosophy: 

Read a few of the following:

What can you do with a Philosophy degree?

Skills you will develop studying philosophy:

Lecture Topic/Discussion Questions

Introduction to course and Course requirements

The Trolley Problem (PDF Handout can be printed)

(three diffrerent formulations of the good of the many or good  of the one dilemma)

Lab Assignment: 

Learn about the different branches of philosophy:  Philosophy Subgroups with sound Effects:

Journal Assignment:  In your journal, write the definitions of the three major categories of philosophy:  metaphysics, epistemology, and ethics.  Which one are you most interested in?  Write this in your journal and see if it changes throughout the year.

On a lighter note

Definitions from within the Profession:

Argument 101 by Dave Barry:

Philosopher light-bulb jokes: