K-6th grade Tutoring

These sessions would be 1 hour long and you can combine subjects needed at no extra cost!!
Reading / Language Arts:Reading is a common factor in all subject areas. When a child struggles in reading, it can negativley impact all school studies, especially in the elementary level. I can bring a student's reading skills and comprehension up to where they need to be to excell in school.
Math: Childrenoften have difficulty advancing from basic to more intricate computations. I can help them over the stumbling blocks they may face, instucting in ways that stimulate their curiosity gving them sessions that are more conducive to learing. I can help students from basic number recognition, 1-1 correspondence , begining addition, and mulitplication all the way to begining algebra. Math anxiety or fear of math is another issue that I can help resolve.
Using tools such as manipulitives and Touch Math I can work with your child to suceed. 

Science: I will aid students who are struggling in science or can help develop the mind of our next great scientists. I make learning fun, encouraging an exploration of science, to challenge students by making the lesson interesting enough to stimulate the child's desire to learn. From basic science to more advanced experiements.
This can also be a great place to let your child's love for science experiements and curiosity come to life. We offer a weekly "Science lab" where we explore something new each week !!

Homework help:  STOP the frustration...I will aid students with their homework from school, if it is just needing a little extra boost or checking what they have already completed. I can also work with the student's teacher to help with homework.