Limitations in Self and Social Awareness

The need to have limitations in self and social awareness is a must for the survival of our species. Since each one of us is unique and there are no two of us even remotely looking alike, this means that there will always be limitations in self and social awareness for some people. The ability to "feel" what others feel or think also limits some people.

Limitations in self and social awareness can be found in a variety of ways. There are people who try to ignore the limitations in themselves and their behavior and their thoughts. These people deny that they have any limitations or fail to see that they are limited in all ways. And so, as a result, they never learn to rise above these limitations. And because of this, they remain unhappy and perpetually depressed.

There are many ways to see limitations in yourself and in your behavior and in your thinking patterns. There are those who will never forgive themselves or others for anything that they do or say. They will never change their behavior based on what others may not think. Their behaviors will only be constrained by the limitations in their own mind and by the reality of their behavior.

There are those who cannot forgive themselves or others for what they do or say. Instead of seeing their limitations, these people choose to blame others or try to rationalize away their own limitations. Those who blame others or justify their own limitations are often those who suffer from internalizations of guilt. This means that they internalize feelings of blame and guilt even when they are not consciously aware that such feelings exist. Thus, instead of looking at their limitations, they will often choose to look outside of themselves and at others.

On the other hand, those who experience limitations in self and social awareness will often choose to see beyond their limitations. Often, these individuals will then embark on the journey of developing self-love and a more expansive view of their lives. Such individuals will begin to build a sense of gratitude toward life. In doing so, they will then become able to appreciate all that they have rather than focusing on what they don't have. As they learn to love and honor themselves, they will slowly but surely learn to let go of the guilt that has been building up in their minds and souls since they were children.

Limitations in self and social awareness are actually a great opportunity. Limitations can serve as stepping-stones to greater accomplishments in life. When an individual begins to see his or her limitations as something to be grateful for rather than what is preventing them from reaching their goals and dreams, then that individual will have taken small steps toward self-improvement. When you start to see limitations in yourself, then you are also likely to see opportunities for growth within yourself and in the life that you lead. The more you let go of the guilt that society imposes upon you, the more you will be able to grow and expand the limits of your existence.

There are many areas that can be affected by limitations in self and social awareness. Individuals who are shy or introverted may find it very difficult to open up to others about their own self issues. Similarly, people who have problems with self-esteem may find it very difficult to approach others about their issues. Finally, those who experience depression or anxiety may find that their conditions are made worse by the limitations that they perceive around them. Regardless of whether the source of the limitation is an internal defect external stressors or a combination of both, an individual who allows these limitations to exist will never be truly capable of true self improvement.

Limitations in self and social awareness are a necessary component to personal and world happiness. You may not be aware of them now, but you can certainly be aware of them in the future. As your limitations begin to diminish, you will become increasingly aware of how your life can be enriched by making the right choices. As these choices become more prominent, you will find that your self-improvement improves as your outlook on the world becomes more positive. You will eventually find that you are more capable of living a full and complete life.