Fun Online Activities



  1. Quandary - - Quandary is a free, award-winning game that engages students in ethical decision-making and develops skills that will help you recognize ethical issues.

  2. collection of interactives at PBS Learning Media -

  3. Divided Attention - - How many objects can you follow at once?

  4. Write your own programs! Learn to Code! -

  5. The Bakery Shop - - In this fun online game, learners will run their own virtual bakery in order to recognize that people have many wants, that wants are unlimited, and that resources are scarce. The goal is to enable students to explain how resources can be used in various ways, identify goods and services, and recognize money as the generally accepted medium of exchange for goods and services.

  6. Crystals - - In this earth science/math/art activity, learners use simple ingredients to grow crystals and examine the repeating geometric shapes and patterns. Learners compare the growth of crystals from four types of crystal-starters (table salt, Borax, sand, and Epsom salt) to see which starter grows the most crystals in 14 days. Learners report their results online and find out what other learners discovered. Afterward, learners can use the crystals they grew to create works of art.