Mrs. Begley's 4th Grade


Next week we will be having end of the year assessments.  

Tuesday will be a writing assessment.  Students will be reading an article and using the information to form an opinion and write a point of view piece siting facts from the article.

 Wednesday, June 3 will be Spelling and Grammar tests.  A spelling list was sent home in the Tuesday test folder.  Students wrote a study guide in their notebooks listing the skills to study.  The skills include complete subject/predicates, abbreviations, punctuation, nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, direct objects, subject complements, pronouns, prepositional phrases, and diagramming.

Our math assessment will be on Thursday, June 4th.  It will include multiplication, long division, fractions, rounding decimals, drawing a line, line segment, ray, angle, paralles and perpendicular lines, measure angles, area, perimeter, and word problems.

As discussed, we will be using Remind 101 this year.  You can sign up for this by texting the message @fa460 to the phone number 862-214-7436.

My school email is    I try to check this email daily, but for same day response from me, please send in a note or write in your child's agenda book.

The following is the link for Spellingcity. I have added our end of the year assessment words for students to practice.


-Mrs. Begley