Crate washer: what are the benefits?

Crate washers give assurance about high cleaning performance to ensure compliance and crate hygiene without compromising sustainability.


Crate washers are also extremely versatile, offering, for example, an improved ability to adapt to different line configurations thanks to their compact size.


At the point of sale, dirt on the boxes significantly detracts from sales success. However, with the crate washer, your products will attract positive attention, as this robust, high-performance washer cleans beverage crates and another plastic packaging thoroughly and gently. The new washer stands out for its modular design and its greater washing capacity, even with different box formats.


  • Washes boxes of the most diverse formats and sizes
  • One-way: up to 3,800 * packages per hour
  • Two-way: up to a maximum of 7,600 * packages per hour
  • Adjustable high-pressure spray for even greater cleaning ability

Advantage of using crate washers

Below are few of benefits of using crate washers before doing bottle loaders process:


  1. Always optimal cleaning result.

Do you work with boxes of different sizes and want to achieve an optimal cleaning result despite this? The wide adaptive high-pressure injection system is exactly what you are looking for. This optionally available equipment ensures that the spray distance is adapted to the width of the corresponding box to ensure a consistent positive spray pattern.


60 percent more cleaning intensity is obtain by this process and when bottle unloaders are used, product will be in completely clean form.

  1. Very easy adjustment

In order to make the changeover to new box formats as easy as possible for the operator and not waste time, the spindle drive necessary for this is in a central position outside the machine (optional equipment).

  • 90 percent less changeover work (without spindle drive: 30 percent)
  • Up to 70 percent less work on debugging (without spindle drive: 35 percent)
  1. Extension of the duration of treatment

Thanks to different optional equipment modules, the treatment period can be extended at will to further improve the cleaning result.

  • A longer treatment interval of 18 percent
  1. Easy access

In the remote case that the operator has to intervene himself, things can do so quickly and easily: the doors on both sides facilitate access to the internal space, in the bathroom area there are integrated manholes, and it is also easy intervention. From above it are possible to move deflector plates. In the same way, these boxes can be easily detached.

  • 50 percent less cleaning work
  1. Modern operating concept

The new technology is integrated into the Crate washers and offers a 10-inch touch screen and a screen area increased by a factor of 2.5. In this way, all operating data is available at a glance.


So if you are an industry in which clean products have a great value and increase the market value of products, then it is good to use Crate washers. Using this machine, one can improve the quality of their products and increase their products' value.