Ms. Bell, 5th Grade Math

I will be teaching the Tennessee Academic Vocabulary and the Tennessee State 5th Grade Math Standards.

Tennessee Academic Vocabulary


Categorical Data

Convex Polygon

Data Collection





Exponential notation





Line graph


Natural numbers

Numerical data

Order of operations



Polyhedral Solid


Rational numbers

Regular (Platonic) solid



Significant digits


Substitution property

Surface area

Terminating decimal






Tennessee State 5th Grade Math Standards

Standard 1:  Mathematical Processes

SPI 0506.1.1 Given a series of geometric statements, draw a conclusion about the figure described.

SPI 0506.1.2 Estimate fraction and decimal sums or differences.

SPI 0506.1.3 Recognize the unit associated with the remainder in a division problem or the meaning of the fractional part of a whole given in either decimal or fraction form.

SPI 0506.1.4 Identify missing information and/or too much information in contextual problems. 

Standard 2:  Numbers and Operations

SPI 0506.2.1 Read and write numbers from millions to millionths in various contexts.

SPI 0506.2.2 Write the prime factorization of numbers through 50 using both exponential and standard notation.

SPI 0506.2.3 Select a reasonable solution to a real-world division problem in which the remainder must be considered.

SPI 0506.2.4 Solve problems involving the division of two- and three-digit whole numbers by one- and two-digit whole numbers.

SPI 0506.2.5 Solve addition and subtraction problems involving both fractions and decimals.

SPI 0506.2.6 Add and subtract proper and improper fractions as well as mixed numbers.

SPI 0506.2.7 Recognize equivalent representations for the same number.

SPI 0506.2.8 Write terminating decimals in the form of fractions or mixed numbers.

SPI 0506.2.9 Compare whole numbers, decimals and fractions using the symbols <, >, and =.

Standard 3:  Algebra

SPI 0506.3.1 Evaluate algebraic expressions involving decimals and fractions using order of operations.

SPI 0506.3.2 Evaluate multi-step numerical expressions involving fractions using order of operations.

SPI 0506.3.3 Find the unknown in single-step equations involving fractions and mixed numbers.

SPI 0506.3.4 Given a set of values, identify those that make an inequality a true statement.

Standard 4:  Geometry and Measurement

SPI 0506.4.1 Solve contextual problems that require calculating the area of triangles and parallelograms.

SPI 0506.4.2 Decompose irregular shapes to find perimeter and area.

SPI 0506.4.3 Identify a three-dimensional object from two-dimensional representations of that object and vice versa.

SPI 0506.4.4 Solve problems involving surface area and volume of rectangular prisms and polyhedral solids.

SPI 0506.4.5 Find the length of vertical or horizontal line segments in the first quadrant of the coordinate system, including problems that require the use of fractions and decimals.

SPI 0506.4.6 Record measurements in context to reasonable degree of accuracy using decimals and/or fractions.

Standard 5:  Data, Probability, and Statistics

SPI 0506.5.1 Depict data using various representations, including decimal and/or fractional data.

SPI 0506.5.2 Make predictions based on various data representations, including double bar and line graphs.

SPI 0506.5.3 Calculate measures of central tendency to analyze data.