Science/Socials Studies Curriculum

Unit of Study #1


This unit is going to be HUGE!  First we will start off with "building" our town.  We will learn about landforms and map skills to begin with.  Then we will set a cultural climate for our town and create citizens.  Students will face a few critical incidents, such as the loss of a major employer, and learn how to respond to such incidents as a community.  With a little government and economics thrown in, as well as geological features, this unit will encompass a wide variety of important skills!


Unit of Study #2

time travel


YES!  Who doesn't want to travel through time?!  In our time travel unit, we will travel through the past and examine how the earth has changed over time!  From the city of Pompeii to the age of the dinosaur; from the horseless carriage to the automobile; we will discover all the ways that our world has changed - whether caused by nature or man.  Don't forget the future!  Opportunities could abound in space!


Unit of Study #3


forces and motion

What is work?  What is force?  What makes objects move?  These are all questions we will answer as we explore the world of energy - motion, heat, and sound.


Unit of Study #4



Students will be immersed in the culture of another country.  They will be able to make comparisons with America.  They will be assigned a country to research and do a presentation for the class.  Our country of choice is YET to be determined!  We will learn about holidays, customs and traditions, art, music, food, and ways of life.  We may even have special presentations! The final event will be a culture parade!


Unit of Study #5



Students will learn all about animals and their habitats, as well as the vegetation in their habitats, as they create their own zoo!  They will also learn about endangered animals, conservation methods, and preserving natural wildlife.  To top it off, each student will do a full report and presentation on a specific animal.  This ties in with our research skills we are sharpening in Language Arts at this time!