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Language Arts/Writing/Spelling



Here is a tool for you to use so you can be up-to-date on our language arts curriculum.  If you know what is going on in class, you will be better able to help your child at home!


Cursive Handwriting

Each week you will be instructed in the writing of 5 cursive letters.  The letters will not be taught in ABC order, but by the way the letter is formed. You will practice writing these letters throughout at home the week  using your handwriting workbook. It is recommended that you practice one letter daily.  The handwriting workbooks will be checked weekly and graded.



Your spelling and vocabulary instruction will be based on a book called Words Their Way. You will be given a simple spelling test at the beginning of the school year to determine your knowledge of spelling.  Then you will be assigned a weekly set of words to study.  Some of the words may seem simple, but the purpose of learning them is to understand why the word is spelled that way and not just to memorize a set of words.  You will be instructed in sorting the words according to a spelling pattern. Each day you will practice studying the words in a different way. .

Monday:  Learn the sort, practice. Remember to say the words out loud as you sort

Tuesday: Speed sort    See how quickly you can sort the words correctly. Read aloud as you sort them.

Wednesday:  Word hunt  Using a book you are currently reading, search for words that have the same spelling pattern as you are studying.

Thursday: Practice Test  Have an adult call out the words to you. Write the words down and sort them into the correct spelling pattern category. Have the adult check your work and make any corrections necessary.

Friday: Test You will spell the words and sort them into the proper category.


(Grammar and Writing)

August - Identify correct capitalization and punctuation      - Identify correct and incorrect spelling

             - Distinguish individual sounds in words                     - Recognize grade appropriate vocab

             - Recognize multiple-meaning words                         - Determine meaning through context clues


September - Identify the correct use of nounds, verbs, and adjectives within context

                    - Choose a topic sentence


October - Recognize simple subjects and predicates         - Select correct compound sentences

               - Choose supporting sentences for a topic            - Identify unnecessary information


November - Choose correct formation of contractions and plurals

                  - Recognize grade-appropriate compound, contractions, and common abbreviations

                  - Rearrange sentences to form a sequential, coherent paragraph

                  - Select an appropriate title that reflects the topic


December - Identify correct use of commas  with dates, addresses, series, and friendly letters

                  - Write a friendly letter using all five parts: heading, greeting, body, closing, signature


January - Select the appropriate antonyms and synonyms within context

               *Research Begins* and will continue through the rest of the year.

               - Identify most reliable sources for information    - Complete a graphic organizer

               - Select appropriate sources to gather info            - Id appropriate information from a list


February - Recgonize root words and various inflections

                 - Determine word meanings using prefixes and suffixes


March - Recognize usage errors - double negatives, homonyms, etc.



April and May  - TBD

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