My Classroom Website

The Wonderful World of Literature with Miss B

Welcome to Miss B's webiste.  In the following pages, you will find the information you will need for the school year.  Use the links at the top of the page to help you naviagate the site. You may also go directly to your class site for subject-specific information.

     Class Rules and Regulations

An overview of the rules and regulations of the classroom can be found on this page, as well as a .doc file of the student contract.  This will remain accessible to you throughout the year, should you need to reference it in the future.


Homework and assignments can be found on this page.  Files of major assignments will be posted, as well as explanation for individual homework assignments.  If you are absent from class, it is your responsibility to check this page to get makeup work.  Please note, assignments will stay posted for the duration of the marking period, but may not be available once the new marking period begins. 

      Class Calendar

Calendars and syllabi will be available on a monthly basis.  Please note that frequent changes will be made to the schedule.  Students should maintain and updated copy of the calendar in their assignment books.

      Yearly Schedule

The school calendar as well as other important dates are posted on this page.  This is not the official school calendar and may not be up to date.  Please check the school website for the official calendar.


My contact information is available on this page.  Please allow one business day for a repsonse for any contact.