Literary Analysis - 8

This year the 8th graders will be defining, analyzing and evaluating every aspect of a "Journey."  This year our overall guiding question is:

"What makes a journey, a journey?"


"Can you have a journey that is JUST emotional, physical, or mental?"

As a class we will be analysing four content peices:

1) The Lord of the Rings Trilogy (A logica,physical journey rought with emotional decisions)

2) Kira, KIra (emotinal journey)

3) The Odyssey (a physical journey that demands mental ability)

4) Kinding (a physical journy through the mind)

Through our explanation into journeys we hope to learn more about the "proeccess" and eventaul "product of journey."  We also hope to learn more about ourselves, and how we can alter and improve our own "journeys" through life.